O-Lynx Downloads


Free trials

O-Lynx Event is free to try and fully functional for up to 5 days to enable you to have a quick look at the full software before purchasing.  After this period, there will be limitations such as only displaying a limited number of results, and reminder messages. You are welcome to trial the full software for a longer period. To do so please contact us. to obtain a licence code to extend the trial period.


If you have already purchased the software and want the latest version you can download it from here. Your existing license will work with the new version.


O-Lynx Event Software

O-Lynx Event ( including O-Lynx Results & Touch ) – updated 18th April 2024

O-Lynx Event Manual

O-Lynx Touch Manual – updated 14/10/2019

Questions or problems

See the Using O-Lynx page for information especially the “Using O-Lynx for the first time” document when installing. The O-Lynx blog posts are also worth reading to gain a greater understanding of O-Lynx.

If you have questions, suggestions or problems with the software please contact us for help.