Software Pricing

RES_CLBO-Lynx Event / Results Software$110$801 year club license

Radio Equipment Pricing

OLC-04Control / Repeater Radio$450$3101 serial port to connect to a BSM7. Can be fitted with up to 2 SRR Dongles.
OLC-04DControl / Repeater Radio$450$3102 serial ports to connect to two BSM7. Can be fitted with 1 SRR Dongle.
SI SRR DongleSportident SRR USB Dongle - fitted in radio at manufacture.$80$55
OLM-01Master Radio$520$420Includes USB cable and 1 Years license for O-Lynx Event software
BSKBSM 7 Waterproof connector$20$20O-Lynx waterproof connector ( required to be fitted to BSM7-RS232 )
CHGUSB Charger and cable$80$64Cable charges 2 radios at once.
RESO-Lynx Results Software$110$801 year license for O-Lynx Event and O-Lynx Results software.

Purchase O-Lynx Event/Results subscription ( please contact to be sent a link to purchase )

For further Radio Module Information, see …

Starter kit also available consisting of …

1 x Master Radio with USB Cable and O-Lynx event software
2 x Control Radios e.g. for Start, Finish
1 x Charger
1 x Results software ( 1 year license )
Starter kit price NZD$1490 US$1195


Starter Kit contents.

For a demonstration kit within New Zealand, please contact

HIRE CHARGES as of 11th June 2023

O-Lynx equipment is also available for hire for orienteering and adventure race events. This provides a cost-effective way for event organisers to greatly enhance an event while keeping costs to a minimum.

DescriptionPer DayPer Week
RDS*Radio Control Pair ( SI BSM7, O-Lynx Radio plus one repeater )$35$75
MSTMaster Radio ( O-Lynx Master Radio, USB Cable )$30$60
RSW**O-Lynx Results Software$110$90
REPAdditional Repeater$11$23


*Control stands suitable for taking Sportident BSM7 boxes will be required for each radio control. (Not supplied). If not available please request BSM728 adapters.

**1 Years software license is required. Can be used for the clubs other events during this time.

All pricing is in New Zealand dollars and excludes GST. Freight, insurance, breakages and customs fees will be charged at cost. Prices are subject to change without notice and may be affected by currency fluctuations.

O-LYNX Equipment is available for major New Zealand school events free of charge.

All hired equipment is subject to availability.

No. Days HiredNo. of Radio SetsRDS CostsMasterSoftwareTotal Cost