Information to help you use the O-Lynx radio system.

Mounting the O-Lynx brackets

Setting up the SI stations for use with radio controls

Event control placement and range checking

O-Lynx battery charging and monitoring

Example of the screen setup for event centre results

Using O-Lynx for the first time

Using O-Lynx to enhance events without radios

Totalling times for grouped events

O-Lynx guides for display at events

Results Screen Guide

O-Lynx Symbol Guide

Example end user guides to using O-Lynx in your club – please modify to suit your club. 

Setting up a club event – events with standard colour coding for courses.

Setting up the HBOC OY Series – events where there are some courses are divided into age grades.

Setting up the HBOC Summer Series – a sprint series where the courses are variations of a set of loops

After an event – Instructions for generating and posting the results.

Other information and guides are available to help you use your O-Lynx equipment. Please contact O-Lynx to request a copies.

A number of “Using O-Lynx” videos are also available at the olynxvideos youtube channel