O-Lynx Event

O-Lynx Event software manages the event. It provides the place where you set up the control points, courses and entries. It also receives radio punches, downloads chips and produces the final event reports. O-Lynx Event makes it very easy to run a great event, even with no previous experience.

Please use the download page to download the software and manual to get a better idea of what O-Lynx can do for your events.


– Enter all information independent of other software, or import from OE using O-Lynx Sync.

– Extensive use of wizards for editing information to make working with the software easy and intuitive.

– Imports IOF XML Course Data files.

– Export log files for replaying events. Ideal for getting familar with the software before the big event and evaluating what features to use.

– Unknown punches are stored and can be processed when entry information has been corrected.

– O-Lynx event can be set up to receive information from …

  • O-Lynx radio controls via the USB O-Lynx master.
  • Up to 2 Wired com port controls.
  • Register control for quicker SI number entry.
  • Download control for chip download

– Control History view for easy testing and monitoring of punch information as it happens.

– Check deployed radios remotely for their battery levels and radio link quality.

– Runs on Windows XP, Vista or 7,8 and 10



Download Screen – full of easy to read, persistent information. Solve runners queries easily and fast.

Course List – easy access to each course so you can see exactly whats going on.
Make and edit courses with ease, import from IOF XML or download from a chip to setup the course.
Use the control report to plan your radios
Built in Chip Checker to keep track of your hire chips
Import from all sorts of files, including the download log files from SIConfig+
Simple control replacement for when things go wrong
Manually edit or update individual punches easily

Use a course and grade dictionary to make creating similar events a simple task

Use the spreadsheet based report generator to create results reports that fit your event and your style