The Hawkes Bay School Individual Orienteering Champs for 2011 were held on the 12th June at the Craggy Range map. About 4 radio controls were used plus the two on the finish. The event centre was sited really well to make the event as spectator friendly as possible. The surrounding farmland had a lot of detail but was open enough to see the kids popping up in all directions. In the photo below you can see Geoff once again doing the commentary with the now standard 3 screens. This gives enough room to display the individual radio monitor screens so you can see ( and comment on ) who is going through the radios and their time and current placing. It also allows all the entries in the various classes to be displayed with their elapsed times so the commentator can see at a glance how the results are shaping up. I am using Digitech USB to Display adapters to drive the screens from the laptops and they have proved very handy.

The master radio is also shown in this photo mounted to the tent pole of the download tent. No spectator results screens were used at this event.

The Schools Relay event was held on the 26th of June on the clubs Tangoio forest map. While no radio controls were pre-organised out on the courses, they were sorted out and installed just before the start of the event. This is good indication of how easy the radios are to setup. This is quite a mature forest so the radios seemed to have quite good range through the trees. A commentator control was used on each of the 3 courses along with the changeover/finish controls. 2 repeaters were used to get to the furthest control location. Once again Geoff was doing fantastic job on the commentary. This event was also used for the formal presentation of his National award for Service to School Sport.

See for further info on this award.

A LCD TV was used to give spectators instant results for this event with each of the 3 legs of the relay shown separately for each class.

WIFI was used to to establish the local area network between the results, commentary and master radio computers.