Printing Splits via Bluetooth from O-Lynx Event

To minimise the equipment at an event without a power source, you can use a single Windows tablet or laptop to run O-Lynx Touch and the O-Lynx Event software. Then you just need a download station and optionally a battery powered printer. The new Sportident printer is ideal for this, but to also save on cables and print wirelessly does require a few extra setup steps.

Install a ZJ-58 USB printer using the drivers in the link.

on the Drivers page choose the following.

ZIJIANG Printer DriverZIJIANG Printer Driver Setup V11.3.0.0 (For 58mm/80mm ZIJIANG Printer)

Once the driver is installed, disconnect the usb cable and then add the printer as a new Bluetooth device. To do this right click on the Bluetooth icon in the windows taskbar and choose “Add bluetooth device” then “Add Bluetooth or other device”. Choose the “SI Printer 00967” device and enter the 4 number PIN code “5349”

This will add a printer called SI Printer 00967. This printer will be unusable as it will not find a printer driver for a device with this name.

Go to Windows “Devices and Printers” by right clicking the windows start button, choose “Settings” then “Devices”. On the right hand side of the window, you should see a link to “Devices and Printers”.

Open this then right click the “SI Printer 00967”. Choose “Properties” then the “Hardware” tab. This will tell you the COM port used by the Bluetooth link. E.g. on my computer “(COM6)”. Close the printer properties window for the SI Printer 00967.

Right click on the “ZJ-58” Printer and select “Printer Properties”. Go to the “Ports” tab and tick the port you found above e.g. on my computer it was COM6. Press Apply and OK. ( Note: you may need to restart your device for this new Port to show up )

To print a results docket wirelessly from O-Lynx, go to O-Lynx Event, Settings. In the “Printer Settings” box, set the “Download Printer” as the “ZJ-58” printer. Then to test, go to the “Downloads” tab of an existing event, and choose “Print” to reprint the selected download.

If the printer does not print, Windows may have set it to “Use Printer Off-line”. To fix this… if a printer icon shows in the notification area by the windows clock, right click it and “See what’s Printing”. Choose “Printer” in the menu and untick “Use Printer Offline”

The standard O-Lynx results printout will print OK on the 58mm width paper but for best results in O-Lynx Event “Settings”, “Download”, alter the “Docket font size” from the standard “9” to “7”. This will allow all columns to fit in as per the normal look when using 80mm width paper.