My last post on handling relays in October last year detailed the changes made to better handle relays with the new “Grade Results – Teams” window. However there still remained a lot of work to do to make the information provided by O-Lynx for relay events on par with individual events.


The above screenshot shows some of the new features following further development. The windows shown on the right are two O-Lynx panels. These type of windows can be configured by the user in the special panel editor.

New variables have been added to make the panels more relevant for relays…

TeamName – name of the team
TeamTime – Total Time for the team at the time the control was punched.
Grade – Grade of the competitor
Leg – the current leg of the relay.
GradePos – position of the team at the time the control was punched
GradeDiff – difference from first placed team

The panels are mainly for providing useful information to the commentator – in this case on the recent runners going through a control. The number of runners shown ( columns ) can be changed to provide a better view of busy controls.

The team results windows as shown on the left are designed more for spectators, though commentators would normally have them open as well to provide an overview of current standings. Enhancements to this window include…

– interim display of team position information based on the time the team member ran through their last control. These are shown above as green numbers next to the teams orange “running” icon in the first column.
– text colouring for 1st – red, 2nd – blue, 3rd – green as per other O-Lynx screens.
– leg header colours alternate to make it easier to read the right information.
– Distance through leg is shown by the usual olive green bar graph in the leg time column. In the screenshot this is shown on the “Jun Girls” window for the team currently in 10th place. The Leg 3 runner is shown about halfway through her course.

Relays events continue to rely on importing the OS2003/2010 exported file i.e. they are not directly connected to the OE database.


The enhanced results screens in use at the HB School Relays on the 9th June 2013.