This information ispresented here to help those wanting to produce similar sawhorses as seen at the NZ World Cup races.

With the Hawkes Bay Orienteering Club involved in the world cup, Oceania and Sprint the Bay events there was a desire to have sawhorse type controls for the sprint events. The problem with commercial ready made sawhorses was the amount of room needed to transport and store them. My alternative was to produce the design shown below ( Graham Gristwood from the UK punching at Sprint the Bay )  that could easily be assembled and taken appart at the events as needed.

25 were made and used for the January sprint events. One of the sawhorses was used as the finish control at the all the non-sprint events as well.

The following photo illustrates the 25 sawhorses all packed for storage. Manufacturing cost was approx. NZ$20.00 each excluding the SI mounts and clippers.

For the design details as a pdf click here.

12mm treated plywood was used. Slots were routed out. The original design was to have a clip on the top piece to secure it but the sawhorse pieces fit tightly together so these were not required. The flag cords were inserted through the large hole in the top and the loop in the cord hooked over a 6mm screw. Aluminium brackets were fitted to all the controls to hold the o-lynx radio transmitters.


Assembled detail showing flag looped around the screw.


Optional simple latch. If fitted, then only required at one end.