A new model of the O-Lynx radio has been tested for use with the Sportident SRR ( Short Range Radio ) system. SRR provides a wireless link of up to 30m between the SI equipment and the receiver ( in this case an O-Lynx radio ). The photo shows a BSM8 SRR control mounted on the sawhorse. When this control is punched the information if transmitted to the O-Lynx radio hanging nearby and then onto the O-Lynx mesh network for the longer distance transmission back to the event centre. The O-Lynx radio includes the Sportident USB SRR dongle inside its case for maximum compatibility with the Sportident system, while still ensuring a completely weatherproof design.  


The main uses for the SRR technology are currently seen as being …
– to provide compatibility with some of the newer SI equipment that may not have serial output.
– to allow multiple controls at a single control point to use just the one O-Lynx radio.

Using the SRR system also allows for the O-Lynx radio to be placed for better transmission, e.g. higher or for better line of site. However there is probably no advantage over just using 2 O-Lynx radios to achieve this instead.