Sprint the Bay is a series of 6 sprints held over a single weekend. The event is run by members of the Morrison family as a fundraiser with 2011 being its second year it has been run. They do an amazing job of getting each event set up and taken down as they move from venue to venue over the course of the weekend. See www.sprintthebay.org for event details.

Sprint the Bay was the first use of O-Lynx at a nationally recognized event ( some of the races contribute towards superseries points ). The 2011 series were a good test of the O-Lynx radios weatherproofing as a lot of rain fell during the 3 days.

The Morrison boys ( Ross and Duncan ) handled the software and setting up of the controls themselves. Duncan also was the comentator for the series and made full use of the information being provided. The radios were used on Start and Finish. A warning control and “Green Jersey” leg were also monitored.