At a recent club event, O-Lynx Touch was introduced as a way for people to enter themselves with just a few taps on a touchscreen directly into the clubs OE2010 software. It is designed to cut the workload at events by making the entry of competitors a quick and easy task that everyone can do themselves. The OE Archive is used for club members with their own SI cards so that they only have to insert their card, select their course and tap ‘Enter’. O-Lynx Touch also provides for the automatic renumbering of SI cards when competitors run a second course.


The O-Lynx Touch main screen

People with hire cards have the additional step of entering their name as well via an additional screen that pops up with a full touch keyboard. O-Lynx Touch provides suggestions as they type ( from the archive ) so that full entry of their name is not usually required.


Using the touch keyboard to enter their name for a hired chip

O-Lynx Touch is designed as an easy way to do the entries for club events where there is usually a limited number of courses ( up to 9 course buttons are currently available ) and when all the additional input options OE provides are not required e.g. Start Number etc.


Reading the chip number from the register station is the best way to ensure no errors but O-Lynx Touch also optionally allows manual entry of the chip number

O-Lynx Touch is a standard windows application and so requires a PC or tablet running Windows. ( Note, it does not work with Windows RT ). The tablet shown in use below is the Samsung Ativ 500 running Windows 8 with an 11.6 touchscreen, full size USB port ( for the SI Register box ) and long battery life. A standard laptop with a mouse could also be used, or a combination of an external touch screen with a laptop. As well as providing a self service option at events, O-Lynx Touch could also be used by a dedicated operator as a way of entering competitors into OE2010.

WIFI was used for networking to the main laptop running the OE database, just the same as if using a second laptop with OE.

Using O-Lynx Touch to register at a club event

Using O-Lynx Touch to register at a club event

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O-Lynx Touch user experience

For downloads, pricing information and more, see the O-Lynx Touch page.