This was the first use of O-Lynx outside of New Zealand and followed on from people seeing O-Lynx used at the New Zealand Queens Birthday event. Orienteering Victoria were hosting the first 2 days of the Oceania carnival with the Long on the Saturday followed by Middle Distance on the Sunday. See for details of the actual event. As well as O-Lynx, a large screen and the Trac-trac GPS system were being used to ensure spectators were kept aware of what was happening out on the courses.

For the long event, a spectator and an early warning  control used O-Lynx as well as the usual finish controls. Special new screens were built into O-Lynx Results to try to make the most of the big screen, which while big often have limited resolution. The screens are designed to go full screen and include options to customize the displays.

You can see O-Lynx controls being used at the finish and the results shown on the large screen in the video below.


Recent Competitors

This screen is an updated version of the standard Control Monitor screen. It shows the most recent competitors that have moved through the control. The title can be edited as well as the number of rows and columns of results to display. The time can also be highlighted with gold, silver or bronze colours to help indicate current positions.

Dual Results

Designed initially to show the elite mens and womens grade side by side, this screen is also quite flexible. Options include showing elapsed times, medal colours and varying the number of rows. e.g. top 10 runners or top 6. The screen can also be dual or just show one set of results. Course and control are both independently selectable for both sets of results.

The Feedback

It was good to get feedback after the competitions such as “it just worked” or this report from one of the organising clubs ….

“After many debates and discussions, we used the excellent New Zealand system “O-Lynx” to display the results on the screen, and it worked a treat.”