A recent update to O-Lynx is the concept of untimed legs. These legs or sections of a race are not included in the final total time.

2 examples of where untimed legs can be used are ….

Adventure Races.

When teams arrive at a task, sometimes there may be another team already carrying out the task. In order that the team does not have an unfair time penalty placed on them while they are waiting, organiser may need to measure this time. With timeout start and finish controls, their waiting time can be automatically removed from their total time.

Mountain Bike Enduro.

The uphill legs of a mountain bike enduro are not included in the final total time. By specifying the next start point as the end of an untimed leg the uphill section is automatically not included.

As many untimed sections as required can be included in a course, and the adjustment of the untimed sections happens in real-time so that it can feed through to the many results output options that O-Lynx makes available.